Riding Association Petition

The Lanark Frontenac Lennox and Addington PC Association has drafted the following petition to the PC Party in response to the many calls we have heard from the grassroots supporters of our Party. We have heard loud and clear that we must modernize the PC Party Constitution prior to any election of a new leader. 

We are looking for your Association’s endorsement and support of the Petition. If one-third of all Associations endorse and support this petition, the request becomes binding on the Executive per Article 15.2 of our Constitution. 

You can get the downloadable/printable petition here.

 I am asking that you bring this petition to your Board as soon as possible for a vote (time is of the essence here). If your Association votes to endorse and support the petition, please have you and a witness (preferably your CFO or Secretary) sign the petition return it to me by scanning it and emailing it to me at shmorrison@sympatico.ca.

Thank you for your consideration of this petition. Together we can make the changes this Party needs to make us a Party of the people. 


Shawn Morrison
LFLA PC Ont Association

P.S. We have also put forward a number of proposed Amendments for consideration, and hope you can support them. You can find them at http://www.lflatories.ca/constitutional_reforms Please share them with your Board.


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