Ensuring Freedom with Secret Ballots

Secret ballots are one of the core principles of our democracy. The ability to cast a ballot of your own preference without pressure or fear of retaliation from others is one of the bedrock principles of our electoral system. It isn't, however, used for voting on any motions related to Constitutional changes. This must change. Member's should not ever feel pressured to vote because others are watching. 


Currently the Constitution is silent and leaves it to the discretion of the Party which (if any)
voting methods are employed on matters of Party business, which can leave voters exposed to
potential intimidation tactics, harassment and manipulated results.

The process of secret ballot is an important element of a free and just society; it allows members
to vote their opinion unmolested and without being subject to intimidation or outside interests
and pressures. Technology allows for a variety of methods that can secure secret balloting.


There is currently no applicable section in the PC Party of Ontario's Constitution


The LFLA PC Ontario Association moves that Article 32 be added and read:

ARTICLE 32 – Voting

All votes cast by Party Members at plenary sessions of General Meetings, Special General Meetings, and Policy Conventions, including leadership votes, leadership reviews, and Constitutional or Policy amendments shall be conducted by secret ballot. Furthermore, the Executive should consider implementing voting using technology such as digital clickers or the creation of a mobile application to allow for instant, secret voting on all motions and votes.

Who's signing

Mike Salomaa
Steve Pinter
Steve Pinter
Wendy Stewart
Gregory Latiak
Robert Elliott
Allan Hayes
Karen Cousineau
Jason Voll
Bernie Duffen
Benjamin Levitt
Shane Peters
James Finan
Byron Morris
Larry Hallatt
Andrew Mackie
Valerie Morris
Andreas Korfmann
Randy Hillier
Peter Staniforth
Conrad Perl
Ritchie Smendziuk
Jamie MacDonald
Tim Broschuk
GOAL: 100 signatures

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  • Mike Salomaa
  • Steve Pinter
    West carleton
  • Steve Pinter
    West carleton
  • Wendy Stewart
  • Gregory Latiak
  • Robert Elliott
  • Allan Hayes
  • Paul Bell
    Secret Ballots are a core principle of our democracy. Every PCPO vote should be done this way #PCPO
  • Karen Cousineau
    Lanark County
  • Jason Voll
    Secret Ballots are a core principle of our democracy. Every PCPO vote should be done this way #PCPO http://www.lflatories.ca/ensuring_freedom_with_secret_ballots?recruiter_id=58690
  • Jason Voll
  • Bernie Duffen
  • Benjamin Levitt
    Ancaster Dundas Flamborough Westdale…Riding President
  • Shane Peters
  • James Finan
  • Byron Morris
  • Larry Hallatt
    Grey BruceOwen Sound
  • Andrew Mackie
  • Valerie Morris
  • Andreas Korfmann
  • Randy Hillier
  • Peter Staniforth
  • Conrad Perl
    Hamilton Centre
  • Ritchie Smendziuk
    LFLA PC Ontario Association

    For grammatical correctness, recommend fix the editorial typo in the first sentence of the motion by deleting “a”.
  • Jamie MacDonald
  • Tim Broschuk