Carbon Tax Not Beneficial to Environment

There is not any benefit to the environment that a federal carbon tax can provide.  The tax is a cash grab to enrich the bureaucracy. The federal government does not provide any public services for the mitigation of pollution.  Authority and responsibility for the treatment of waste and pollutants is that of the provincial and municipal governments.  The federal carbon tax, not being equally applied to all provinces, violates section 15(1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

How does collecting a carbon tax and giving it back, without providing any public service, be of benefit?

The Ontario Ministry of Environment was created in 1972.  Proven scientific endeavours continually improved the quality of the environment up to a decade ago.  Improvement stopped when environmental management became based on politics instead of science.  The present Ontario government is removing political interference and reinstating proven scientific endeavours.  Interference by the federal government is a detriment to provincial programs protecting the environment. 

Carbon dioxide is used in photosynthesis for the growth of plants and then the plants provide food for animals.The biomass waste from plants and animals left open to air will decay into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water.The CO2 will naturally recycle back to supporting plant life.  When buried in landfill sites, biomass is degraded anaerobically.  This decomposition without air produces gases such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and methane.

The management of waste is overseen by the municipalities.  Reduction in the use of landfill has been undertaken over the last forty years by the use of recycling and composting.  The largest portion of waste still goes to landfill.  Because of the lack of space for landfill in Japan and Europe, organic waste is converted for energy production.   Waste to energy conversion provides  both environmental and economic benefits. 

Ontario is far behind Japan and Europe in establishing waste to energy facilities.  This delay is due to wasting public funds on an unnecessary and expensive wind energy programs.  The present government of Ontario has put an end to this waste of public funds.  There are companies based in Ontario that have built environmentally friendly waste to energy facilities worldwide.  Removing political interference will enable these companies to build in Ontario.

Environmental programs are effective and efficient when they are based on scientific fact and proven technology.  To enable programs of benefit to the environment of Ontario, the federal carbon tax must be removed and the federal government must not interfere in any way.

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