Election Day is Thursday, June 7th!

Election Day is almost here! This Thursday June 7th polls open in Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. 

We are aware that many people have not received their voter card from Elections Ontario. You DO NOT need your card to vote! All you need to bring with you with a piece of photo ID, such as a drivers license, that has your address on it. If your photo ID does not have your current address on it, bring it to your polling station along with a document such as a utility bill or bank statement which shows your current address. 

If you do not know where your polling location is, or you are in need of assistance getting to the polls, give me a call at 1-800-504-2431 or email me at info@randyhillier.com and I can provide you with any information or assistance you need.


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Helping Small Business

Will lower small business tax rate by 8.7 per cent
The PC Party has announced their latest measure that will help small business owners create good jobs.

“If you’ve spent time in almost any town in Ontario — you know that small businesses are the lifeblood of their communities,” said Ford. “But small business owners can’t afford to hire expensive lobbyists and they are too busy working to go to fancy receptions and network with Liberal insiders. So, it’s no surprise that Kathleen Wynne has forgotten that small businesses even exist.”
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Cutting Hospital Wait Times

30,000 new long term care beds, taking mental health seriously and dental care for low-income seniors will relieve burden and cut wait times.

Our message to nurses, doctors and other frontline professionals is clear — resources are on the way and help is on the way.said We’re going to work with our frontline health care workers, cut wait times, end hallway healthcare and ensure that seniors, patients and families have the high quality health care they deserve.

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Expanding the Sale of Beer & Wine

The PC Party announced today that they will modernize the rules for selling beer and wine in Ontario by expanding points of sale, based on consumer demand and on what’s more convenient for consumers.
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Cutting Gas Taxes By 10 Cents

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford  announced that an Ontario PC Government will cut the price of gas by ten cents per litre. These savings will be achieved by eliminating the Liberal/NDP cap-and-trade scheme, reducing Ontario’s provincial fuel tax, and stopping the Liberal/NDP carbon tax.

“These are real savings that will lower the cost of filling-up your car and leave more money in your pocket, while at the same time supporting families and businesses by keeping the costs of goods and services low,” said Ford. “Ours is the only Party that understands that gas is an absolute necessity that not only gets people around, but also fuels our economy.”
High gas prices have been shown to have negative impacts on the economy, increasing the cost of transporting everyday items such as food products families buy at the grocery store, as well as increasing costs on other goods and services. Lower income individuals and families tend to be negatively affected the most by rising gas prices as they have less money to spend on other necessities, and often go further into debt as a result.

Ford highlighted how Kathleen Wynne’s cap-and-trade scheme, supported by Andrea Horwath’s NDP, is already adding 4.3 cents per litre at the pump. He also highlighted that the cap-and-trade price-tag is projected to grow by an additional 428 per cent which, on its own, will add 23 cents per litre to the price Ontario drivers pay for gas.

“For an average driver, that’s an additional $500 a year for gas alone — just to pay for Wynne’s cap-and-trade scheme,” said Ford. “If you need to drive a car to get to work, to school, or to pick up your kids from daycare, the Liberals and the NDP will have their hands in your pocket every time you fill up your car.”

Ford highlighted that the Liberals and NDP are following the example of British Columbia, which was the first jurisdiction in Canada to impose a carbon tax, and where gas prices have already soared to $1.61 per litre – the highest price ever paid by drivers anywhere in North America.

“Make no mistake, one of the biggest things the Liberals and NDP agree on is imposing new tax-grabbing schemes on Ontario families and businesses,” said Ford. “The Ontario PC Party is the only Party who can stop the Liberals and NDPs plans to soar gas prices to $2.00 per liter,” concluded Ford.
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A PC Plan For Prosperity

15 years of Liberal Government in Ontario has raised the cost of living and diminished jobs and opportunities.

Rural Ontario has been hit especially hard, with government policies and programs being focused on urban centres, neglecting rural communities and small town Ontario.

There was a time when we had manufacturing centres spread out across our towns and communities; sadly, that time has passed.

More than 300,000 good paying manufacturing jobs have left Ontario due to high energy costs, over-regulation, and obstructive government policies that hinder, rather than promote employment opportunities for all of us.

But help is on the way!

A PC Government will make our province more competitive, more affordable, and open Ontario back up for business.

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Help Is On The Way

We all know what the problems are, good paying jobs have been driven out of the province by government policy that put Liberal insiders ahead of the prosperity of the people.

This government's misguided policies have resulted in the most expensive electricity in North American, where in a province with an abundance of power now sees our families and seniors choosing between eating and heating.

Their waste and mismanagement has decimated our health care system with a lack of doctors in rural regions, longer wait times in our hospitals and the rise of hallway health care.

This government has put their friends ahead of your family; they have put their donors ahead of patients and seniors, and put their greed for power ahead of honesty and accountability. On June 7th that comes to an end.

Help is on the way – Doug Ford and the PC Party are ready to turn this province around.

We’re going to focus on your priorities and make life in Ontario more prosperous and more affordable.

Today we have fewer good paying jobs than we had 15 years ago, but HELP IS ON THE WAY!

We have fewer doctors in rural Ontario than we had 15 years ago, but HELP IS ON THE WAY!

The needs of seniors have gone ignored for 15 years, but HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Young families have seen life get harder for 15 years, but HELP IS ON THE WAY!

To the great people of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, and to all of Ontario, I say HELP IS ON THE WAY!

I hope you share my optimism, and I need your help.

No campaign is successful without volunteers – working in the campaign office, making phone calls, and helping to put out lawns signs, so if you can help me out, together we can tell the people of this riding that HELP IS ON THE WAY!

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