Help Is On The Way

We all know what the problems are, good paying jobs have been driven out of the province by government policy that put Liberal insiders ahead of the prosperity of the people.

This government's misguided policies have resulted in the most expensive electricity in North American, where in a province with an abundance of power now sees our families and seniors choosing between eating and heating.

Their waste and mismanagement has decimated our health care system with a lack of doctors in rural regions, longer wait times in our hospitals and the rise of hallway health care.

This government has put their friends ahead of your family; they have put their donors ahead of patients and seniors, and put their greed for power ahead of honesty and accountability. On June 7th that comes to an end.

Help is on the way – Doug Ford and the PC Party are ready to turn this province around.

We’re going to focus on your priorities and make life in Ontario more prosperous and more affordable.

Today we have fewer good paying jobs than we had 15 years ago, but HELP IS ON THE WAY!

We have fewer doctors in rural Ontario than we had 15 years ago, but HELP IS ON THE WAY!

The needs of seniors have gone ignored for 15 years, but HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Young families have seen life get harder for 15 years, but HELP IS ON THE WAY!

To the great people of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, and to all of Ontario, I say HELP IS ON THE WAY!

I hope you share my optimism, and I need your help.

No campaign is successful without volunteers – working in the campaign office, making phone calls, and helping to put out lawns signs, so if you can help me out, together we can tell the people of this riding that HELP IS ON THE WAY!