A PC Plan For Prosperity

15 years of Liberal Government in Ontario has raised the cost of living and diminished jobs and opportunities.

Rural Ontario has been hit especially hard, with government policies and programs being focused on urban centres, neglecting rural communities and small town Ontario.

There was a time when we had manufacturing centres spread out across our towns and communities; sadly, that time has passed.

More than 300,000 good paying manufacturing jobs have left Ontario due to high energy costs, over-regulation, and obstructive government policies that hinder, rather than promote employment opportunities for all of us.

But help is on the way!

A PC Government will make our province more competitive, more affordable, and open Ontario back up for business.

Money In Your Pocket

  • 20% tax cut for the middle class, putting close to $800 back in your pocket
  • 0% income tax for minimum wage earners
  • 75% Refundable Tax Credit on Child Care for children up to 15 years old that gives you choice in your child care provider
  • Eliminating Cap-N-Trade will see a savings of over 4.3 cents at the pump, combined with a 5.7-cent reduction in the provincial fuel tax a PC government will reduce the cost gas by 10 cents

Care and Compassion

  • Increase funding to $98 million annually for dental services in local public and community health centers for SENIORS and mobile dental health buses
  • Will build 15,000 Long Term Care beds and 30,000 in a ten year period
  • $1.9 billion investment in Mental Health and Addiction services, when combined with the federal government contribution that will number will rise to $3.8 billion

Fixing the Energy Mess

  • Reducing your hydro bills by 12% WITHOUT adding billions to the debt
  • Reducing overheads at Hydro One by eliminating the $6 million man and his board of directors
  • Stop the practice of burying the cost of conservation programs on hydro bills and instead move those programs to the tax base — saving the average family $43 on their hydro bills.

Bringing Better, Stable Jobs

  • Reducing taxes on business and eliminating red tape will help drive investments and bring, better stable jobs to Ontario
  • Reducing Hydro rates for businesses will bring back the companies that the Liberal government drove out
  • Will level the playing field for businesses by eliminating corporate welfare for huge multinationals like Sony, Cisco and GE
  • Auditor General said there was “little transparency in how funding is awarded,” as, since 2010, approximately 80 per cent of approved funding was doled out using a closed-door, invitation-only process, this would continue under a Liberal or NDP government

Restoring Trust In Government

  • A PC Government is going to do a line by line audit of Crooked Kathleen’s books and release it publicly.
  • A PC Government will restore the Auditor General's oversight of government advertisements

Education: Back to Basics

  • scrap the “discovery” math system and focus on the fundamentals of math  
  • cut funding to post-secondary institutions that restrict freedom of speech.
  • Reform the tests conducted by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) and introduce improved standardized testing.

How are we paying for this?

  • Finding efficiencies in Kathleen Wynne’s bloated and tired government that has been run by the insiders FOR the insiders, not the people.
  • Savings of 4 cents on each dollar will come by driving efficiencies like streamlining the province's purchasing habits
  • Eliminating huge corporate welfare payments to massive conglomerates like Sony, Cisco and GE
  • Eliminating the $6 million dollar man at Hydro One and other high paid Kathleen Wynne insiders.
  • Attracting more business and having more, better paying jobs will expand the tax base